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Trapped inside an abandoned building by an unimaginable horror, young Eleanor is desperate to survive. But she quickly discovers she is not alone.



Dark Haven is an Imperial Knight World of the Segmentum Obscurus, mostly famed for being the ancestral home of House Orhlacc. A shadowed, twilight world circling its pale blue-white star at the very edge of its habitable zone, it constitutes an exception amongst the otherwise lifeless regions of the Cyclops Cluster, located in the northern Imperium in the Segmentum Obscurus, which quickly made it a priority target for Human colonisation that was implemented as early as the 25th Millennium. The planet was covered in a world-spanning forest of vast fungal and pseudo-coral growths which swallowed up every iota of light, casting the grey earth beneath them into deep shadow and even shrouding its cold seas into sunless deeps. Aggressive and fast-growing, the living web that covered Dark Haven was nevertheless organic, and therefore a precious resource to be used and harvested, although the planet's great toxicity for many years prevented this. This was a world of considerable hazard, as the planet presented its own predators in the shape of hulking ambulatory mycolidae and less well-understood fauna deep within its shadowed depths. During the time of Old Night, the Knight House of Orhlacc, originally of the Lucien Sector, rose to rule Dark Haven as its own. Orhlacc, previously a minor Household, flourished over the decades of its stewardship of Dark Haven before the coming of the Great Crusade in the 30th Millennium. After the Knight World was restored to the Imperium, its valuable harvest, along with certain exotic chemical compounds, were cultivated for export by legions of servitor-arachnid automata, creating a wealth which further increased the power and independence of this world.


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